Why us

Hello, welcome to Greenzeen!

So nice to meet you, we are excited to introduce you to Greenzeen and all the benefits. 

With Greenzeen, we want to completely change the world of online publishing. It has to be easy, fast, more measurable and more sustainable than currently possible. 

So why Greenzeen? We help you achieve these goals: you can easily create, publish and share with your readers and receive valuable insights. Printing a magazine is expensive. With an online magazine you save money and it’s a lot quicker.
Also, our name says it all: we’re fully green. Online publishing, perhaps unwittingly, releases a lot of CO2. Greenzeen wants to offset your CO2 emissions by planting trees in our own Greenzeen forest (which we’ve already started doing!).  

Although we are just starting out, we are already dreaming big! Everything to create the best online publishing experience for you and with you. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your first Greenzeen today!

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