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Remote working has its advantages

In 2020, remote working was a thought that did not cross anyone's mind. Yet in the past two and a half years remote working has become the new normal. As Covid-19 slowly comes to an end, companies are still flexible about remote working. Thus, it also has its advantages (and disadvantages) for the employee as well as the employer.

Working together as a team at a distance can still be a struggle. It takes a lot of energy from everyone on the team. Keeping the balance within the organization is therefore very important.

Advantages of working remotely

There are of course a lot of obvious advantages: less travel time so you can get to work faster, it saves on costs (petrol, public transport, spontaneous lunch) but also private costs. As an employee you become more productive and think more about how to arrange your day. Take a break when necessary. 

In addition, there are now many (online) options that make working remotely more pleasant. And sometimes a remote meeting is more productive than in person.

Disadvantages of remote working

Despite the fact that working from home works positively for many, it also happens that someone isolates oneself. You’re alone a lot and just see a few or maybe none of the colleagues from work. You feel disconnected from your co-workers. 

Another big disadvantage is the cost of making a home office as comfortable as possible. Having a good desk and chair is a big essential and can be a large expense. And lastly, it may not be the same as working at the office, but you also get distracted easily at home with family, spontaneous visitors or other distractions like a TV-series. 

Tips to make remote working more sustainable

We won’t be Greenzeen if we can’t give you any tips to work more sustainable and greener. Besides the fact you’re less likely to take to the car, which of course already saves costs in terms of gasoline. The CO2 emissions that come by taking the car goes down. That is a big win, but here are some more tips:

To make your home more sustainable choose to install solar panels. When working at home the use of electricity goes up, so why not make it more sustainable?

Close your computer properly. After a day of work, it's tempting to keep going after hours and then set the computer on standby. No, turn it completely off, firstly it gives peace of mind, secondly it is also better for the environment to completely shut down a computer so you’re not using electricity unnecessarily. 

In winter it can get very cold, so in order to not turn on the radiator in the whole house it is convenient to sit in one room. Keep the door closed tightly so the heat stays there, and you aren’t heating the whole house unnecessarily (this helps with saving on those costs).

Call without video, this saves 90% of all data and it’s not always necessary to use video if you just want to discuss an issue briefly.

Make a Greenzeen, where we together help do our bit for a more sustainable world.

More fun from home

With Greenzeen we are also doing our bit and we’ve created a tool that makes it possible to work remotely on a project. Besides that, it’s easy to work together and the Greenzeen you work on is also sustainable for the environment. So, working from a kitchen table, a desk or the couch we all do our part in making the world more sustainable in a fun way.

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