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Being designers ourselves we witnessed the big trend towards publishing online. Less print, more digital. The transition to online publications was pretty quick-and-dirty for many of our clients (let's put a PDF file of the print magazine on our website), not realising online has way more to offer than this. Things like responsiveness, video content, interactivity and measurability to name a few.

In our search for a platform we could use to create these online publications we found that none of the existing platforms is created with designers in mind and were missing essential features:

Creative freedom

As a creative there's one thing you don't want: restrictions. Greenzeen offers you the freedom to either use one of the carefully crafted templates to customise or create an entire publication from scratch, allowing you to create your own widgets, templates, brand kits, break points, layouts and styles. Surprise your client and audience (and perhaps even yourselves) with stunning online publications that are always on-brand.

Ease of use

We've all been there. Software that might be very functional but has a steep learning curve, features that are hard to find or is slow as hell. At Greenzeen we're working hard to offer the optimal user experience and keep improving our UX based on your collective feedback. Browser accessibility, an intuitive interface, smart templates and clever automated processes allow you to create stunning online publications in no time.

Time saving

There's only twenty-four hours in the day and preferably you spend a few of those on sleep. Your time is valuable and scarce. Also deadlines become shorter and shorter so you need to deliver yesterday rather than today. That is why we designed Greenzeen to be faster than anything out there so you can stay ahead of the game.


As a designer you put a lot of your time and effort into creating something stunning. But how do you find out how many people you've reached, which devices they use or which content people actually prefer? That's where Greenzeen Insights come in.


Even if we'll miss the feel of paper and the smell of fresh ink, switching from print to online publications is great for the environment. It eliminates the need to cut down trees to produce paper and removes the need for physical distribution, resulting in an ecological footprint that is way smaller. Is online publishing climate neutral? Unfortunately not. The internet is responsible for more CO2 production than aviation and data centers are becoming the biggest energy consumers in the world. That's why we overcompensate the data traffic by planting trees allowing you to publish in a climate positive way!

That's why we are creating Greenzeen

We hooked up with a group of developers and have been working on Greenzeen for the last three years. One of our goals: designers that want to create online publications should be able to do this easier, faster, more measurable and more sustainable than currently possible.

We are developing Greenzeen to do all those things: easily create and publish, share with your readers and receive valuable insights. Create publications that are fully responsive, dynamic, affordable and on-brand. Bonus feature: Greenzeens are completely green! We compensate traffic and hosting by planting trees.

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