Origin Story

Let's journey back to the genesis of Greenzeen, where the seeds of our unique identity were sown. It all began at the advertising agency Creative Bastards. During a conversation between Tom Schepers and a customer who yearned to transition from print to publishing online, utilizing an online magazine’s capabilities, like creative design and integrating video and mobile access.

Early Days - The Foundation

Faced with the challenge of finding accessible and affordable online publishing tools, we embarked on a quest. What we discovered was a landscape dominated by technical complexities and mind-blowingly high costs.

That’s when Tom first reached out to Mathijs Jansen, owner of a web development company which primarily focuses on website creation and web software. Together, they birthed the wild idea of creating their own platform.

What started as a desire to create a tool soon evolved into the birth of Greenzeen as a company. We found ourselves on a path we had never foreseen, driven by an ambition to redefine the market.

Greenzeen: From Concept to Reality

As we embarked on this journey, one powerful realization emerged - we could eliminate the need for print altogether. In the process, we experienced the transformation from a mere tool to a company with a profound sustainability mission. Little did we realize the magnitude of our endeavor or the incredible journey that lay ahead. Let us take you through the journey and some of our defining moments: 

  • The idea was born: It all started with a conversation at creative bastards, and then the quest for accessible online publishing solutions. The audacious idea of creating our own sustainable publishing platform took shape.

  • Early challenges: Resource constraints including time, finances, and putting together a team tested our resolve. The realization that print media may no longer be necessary was a defining moment. Our identity transformation prompted a mission to become fully sustainable.

  • Creating the first version: The proof of concept was made. It was so complex that we hesitated to let customers in, but we shared it with end-users and received invaluable input. Built in just a year, it was a crucial step towards fulfilling our customer's dream of transitioning to sustainable online publishing.

  • Let’s become a company: The monumental decision to transition from a concept to a full-fledged company marked a turning point in our evolution.

  • Hiring team members: The nerve-wracking process of hiring our first team members was a pivotal moment, signaling our commitment to growth and development.

  • Testing the beta: The triumphant delivery of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the release of beta versions marked our transition from development to engagement with our first customers.

  • Compensating for CO2: With the acquisition of our first hectare of former farmland, we want to compensate for all the CO2 that we produce as a company. Currently, we have started compensation by planting trees in our very own food forest. 

  • Finding partners: A strategic partnership with a new development firm brought us closer to our goal, as they assisted us in preparing for our upcoming launch.

  • Getting ready to launch: The eagerly anticipated launch, the next chapter in our journey, is on the horizon. Greenzeen's journey is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of a brighter, more accessible future for online publishing.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is simple yet ambitious. We aim for Greenzeen to be embraced by marketing and communication professionals worldwide, enabling us to plant more forests and expand our team. This growth will allow us to have dedicated development teams continually improving our tool, making it even better with time. Together, we envision a future where sustainable publishing becomes the norm, benefiting both businesses and the planet.

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