Sustainable online publishing

As you may know, Greenzeen's mission is to publish climate neutrally. Sustainable online publishing is central to our vision.

Greenzeen forest

What you may not have known is that Greenzeen has its own forest (under construction). In this forest, we plant trees to offset your data traffic.

What? Publishing online isn't sustainable?

Actually, no. Although online publishing is already a lot more sustainable than offline printing, data traffic costs a lot of CO2. 1 GB of data quickly costs about 3 kg of CO2. Quite a lot.

Let's plant some trees!

So why plant trees?

Good question. Actually, with the Greenzeen forest we want to tackle two things: first, we want our customers to be able to publish in a climate-neutral way. Trees absorb the CO2. Second, the Greenzeen forest is a food forest. That means that people are free to eat from all the trees in the forest.

Okay, but where is this forest located?

You can visit our Greenzeen forest freely. Keep in mind that the forest is still under development so it does not look like a real forest. The forest is located at Strootmanweg 175-177 in Enschede, The Netherlands.