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Greenzeen is the sustainable solution for the regular way of publishing your magazines and publications. Not only is this better for the environment, but also for your wallet.

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Create the most beautiful and responsive publications in no time. Together with your coworkers, or alone. It's up to you.

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Make snappy, responsive, interactive and measurable publications that really stand out in just a few hours.


Best practise cases

Inspirational projects and the stories behind them


Leaving print behind… a hospitals first online and interactive annual report

With the rapid evolution of digital technology, Medisch Spectrum Twente made a groundbreaking shift in 2019. Transitioning from traditional printed reports, they embraced the power of online interactive content to share their annual highlights. This move not only signifies a progressive step in healthcare communication but also resonates with their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Dive into their innovative report and explore a year of medical advancements, patient stories, and institutional milestones. Join us in celebrating a new era of transparent, engaging, and sustainable communication.

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Create online publications in no time.

Whether it’s a client magazine, onboarding document or annual report, Greenzeen offers the easiest way to create and publish online. Without having to know any coding. Let us show you what the future of sustainable publishing looks like or try it yourselves.

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Elevate your online publications on social media! 🌐✨ Beyond the share button, discover strategies to make your content go viral.

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Discover the secrets of converting keywords, from audience insights to trending wonders. Ready to shine in search results?

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Greenzeen: Your content creation arsenal! Real-time collaboration, superhero feedback loop, seamless workflow, powerful templates, team superpowers, version control, super-secure collaboration, and a culture of celebration.

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