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Why online publishing is the future

In the past, publishing was done more regularly through offline channels. Nowadays, this is becoming rather old-fashioned. There are several reasons for this. Before your publication is finally on the market, it can take several days or even weeks. In addition, you have no idea who is actually reading your publication. A waste of time and money. In this blog, we would like to introduce you to the future of online publishing.

Online publishing

Online publishing

What do we mean by online publishing?

Online publishing (also known as electronic publishing or digital publishing) means posting original content on the internet. Some popular publication types are brochures, annual reports, magazines, white papers and newsletters.

Not only texts are part of this. It can also be a video, podcast, infographic and much more.

Offline VS online publishing

As described in the introduction, there are several advantages to publishing online. To begin with, online publications are measurable. It is possible to know exactly how many people have read your online publication, on which page they left and much more data. With this data it will be possible to adjust your online publication to the needs and wishes of your target audience.

The time-to-market of your online publication is a lot shorter with online publishing. As soon as you choose to publish your publication online, several links are cut. In the past, you had to go to the printer first. But unfortunately, you are probably not their only customer. Now it is finally your turn and it still takes forever for everything to be printed. Finally, the printing is finished and then the waiting game for the delivery person can begin.

It is generally a lot cheaper to publish online. As soon as you choose to create and send out your publications online, a number of links can be taken out of the equation. It will no longer be necessary to take your publication to the printer and it will no longer have to be sent by courier.     

Online publications, on the other hand, can be made interactive. For example, you can add videos and polls. This makes it much more interesting to read the online publication.

Online publishing and sustainability

It goes without saying that printing your publication is not exactly sustainable. It takes a lot of raw materials and energy. Trees have to be cut down for the paper of your publication, and machines have to run for the printing of your publication. All in all, not very sustainable. 

This can be avoided to a large extent with online publishing. Because you publish your publications online, it is no longer necessary to use paper, nor do you need printing machines. This contributes to a sustainable world. Yet, online publishing also has a downside. In our previous blog on "Making a positive impact", we talked about the digital carbon footprint and how you can reduce it.

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