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Why Online Brochures are Better than Printed Brochures

Digitizing your Brochure is the New Way of Content Publication!

What is an Online Brochure

An online brochure is an informative document that could be used as a great marketing tool. Brochures are being used as promotional documents, mainly to introduce a product, service, company, or organization. Brochures could help you increase your leads by handing them out at events, and to new customers.

There are four types with standard brochure sizes, gate-fold, bi-fold, tri-fold, and z-fold brochures. The most common one among companies is the bi-fold brochure. This one is created by folding it into two halves. By doing this, the brochure has four panels to display information.

While brochures have been here for a long time, they still are relevant. 

Online Brochures vs Print Brochures

Some advantages of brochures are advertising benefits, it is time-saving and they are very flexible when it comes to designs. Of course, there are also disadvantages to brochures. For example, printing them is expensive, and printing them isn't sustainable. The environmental impact doesn't occur to most people, but 1 kg of paper results in roughly 1 kg of CO2 during its production. Also, printing costs are expensive, the average cost of printing 500 brochures is around $0.39 per piece.

Now the question is, what is the most eco-friendly and cheapest way of publishing your content in high quality? Creating your brochure online is the new sustainable way to share your brochure with the world in an environmentally friendly way.

By using an online brochure maker tool that provides you with brochure templates to create the most professional business brochure that are eye-catching for the reader. Even if you aren't a professional designer, it has been made easy for you to have perfect professional brochure designs.

There are lots of free brochure maker tools. However, these tools do not offer the possibilities that you really need when creating your online brochure. There are often limited options in the layout, and this is one of the most important parts of the online brochure.

Benefits of an Online Brochure

Knowing your readers is very important. But who exactly reads your brochure if you print them? Maybe they throw it away right after you hand them out. An online brochure gives you the possibility to exactly track your audience. By tracking their behavior, you will know how to edit your online brochure for the better to keep your readers interested. 

How to design an Online Digital Brochure

Step 1: Create a design for your digital brochure

Every online brochure should contain a good layout that is eye-catching. It is intended to get the reader's attention with the layout.

The cover of the online brochure should get the attention of the reader. When a reader opens the online brochure, the first thing they will see is the cover. If this cover isn't attention-grabbing enough the possibility of losing the reader is bigger.

Step 2: Add the name and logo of your brand

It should be clear to the reader who is sending the online brochure. Adding a logo and brand name should make this clearer.

Step 3: Add noticeable photos and graphics

Not only the layout of your online brochure is important. Also, noticeable photos and graphics are effective. By adding a photo that connects to the text the topic is already clearer. This gets the attentiveness of the reader and hopefully gets them to read the whole text.

Step 4: Add a text

Now you've got the attention, the text must be interesting enough to hold the attention. The text in your online brochure must be informative for the target audience. You could share information about your product, service, organization, or company. By writing a text that interests the target audience, leads could be created.

Step 5: Include suitable colors

The usage of colors in your digital brochure is important to make your company more recognizable. Next to the consistency of the color used for your brand, you should also choose colors that fit the topic of the text.

Step 6: Adding contact information to your online brochure

Also, your contact information should be on the online brochure. For example, your social media, telephone number, e-mail address, and (visiting) address.

What you really can’t forget in your digital brochure

Use our content checklist for your next online brochure: 

  • Determine your purpose (what do I want to accomplish?)
  • Write for your target group (who will read my online brochure?)
  • Review your brochure copy
  • Choose appropriate and readable fonts 
  • Use high-resolution images (don’t forget to check if you have the rights)
  • Include a call-to-action in your online brochure

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