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Why online annual reports are a lot more interesting to read

Creating your online annual report in an online tool makes it more dynamic, faster to create and easier to distribute.

What is an Online Annual Report?

An online annual report is a detailed online report where companies share their activities throughout the closed year. The purpose of the online annual report is to provide information about the operations and financial performance of the company. This information is mainly interesting for stakeholders, users, or potential investors. 

What you need to think about when writing your Online Annual Report

There are a few topics that should be included in your online annual report. For example, a business profile, the financial statements, a letter from the CEO, performance highlights, and the outlook for future years. 

The section of the business profile could be used to share the mission and vision of your company, details of board members and the products and/or services that your company offers. 

The financial statement in your online annual report gives the reader an inside of this financial performance of your company. These statements in your online annual report usually contain a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. By using charts and graphs a clear financial position could be created of your company. 

Also, the letter of the CEO is an important component of your online annual report. This letter is intended for the shareholders of your company. Here is where the CEO provides a summary of the performances. 

Next are the performance highlights. Here is where the company’s key achievements are being displayed. For example, the goals the company has reached, key decisions, etc. This part is of importance to keep your shareholders updated and pleased. 

An annual report is usually also the moment to share the view of the future. This again is interesting for shareholders to provide them information about future objectives and goals. 

What makes a good online annual report

You want to have a professional image towards your reader. This can be done by first maintaining a decent written language. By adopting a consistent written language, color, and layout you make it more pleasant to read.

The use of appealing infographics also often appeals to the reader. A good infographic provides data and offers analyses or interpretations. Sometimes it is easier to share information via an infographic to get the message across than to write it out.

Adding a video can also have a positive effect in your online annual report. Many companies choose to write gigantic texts containing all the information. Many people don't have time for this these days. With a concise video you make sure that you have shared all the necessary information within minutes.

Benefits of creating your Annual Report Online

  • Easier to apply updates: applying updates on a printed annual report is very complex. When creating an online annual report updates could be made easily.
  • Most sustainable way: printed annual report cost a lot more raw materials than creating an online annual report. In addition to the use of raw materials, a lot of CO2 is released during printing. This is something few people give much thought to.
  • Less expensive: With an online tool, you pay a fixed monthly fee. As a result, you don't waste any extra money. When you print an annual report, some may be left lying around or lost.
  • More interactive: Once you create an online annual report it is possible to make it interactive. This is of course not the case with printed annual reports.

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