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What is an Online Newsletter?

Online Newsletters and their effective functioning towards customers.

An online newsletter, also known as an e-newsletter, is a message that is often sent to your subscribers via e-mail. This message usually contains information or the latest news about your company, products, or services. Online newsletters are often sent weekly or monthly based on the type of content you have to share.

What are online newsletters used for?

Online newsletters are mainly used by companies to keep their brand top-of-mind with their target group. It can also be used to introduce products or services that are of interest to the target group.

Why online newsletters are perfect for growing your business

As soon as you send an online newsletter to your target group, it is possible to personalize it. According to campaignmonitor, the chances of your online newsletter being opened by the recipient are 26% higher as soon as you personalize it. 

Before you send the online newsletter, you must of course have built up a contact list. The more information your target group leaves behind, the more personal you can make it. 

Sending an online newsletter with the correct name of the person in question is already very efficient. But it is also possible to offer your products or services based on the interests of the target group. This ensures that the online newsletter is of real interest to the recipient.

How to not end up in the spam box

Unfortunately, many online newsletters end up in the spam box as soon as they reach the recipient. At such times, the chances of your online newsletter being read are very small. But fear not! There are solutions for this. Here are 4 tips to not end up in the spam box:

- Do not use spamming subjects: it will not surprise you. But the use of spammy subjects can be one of the problems. Therefore, choose to use a subject that looks as little spammy as possible.

- Make sure your email address has been whitelisted: it is possible for subscribers to whitelist your online newsletters. As soon as they do this, your online newsletter is prevented from ending up in the spam box. Just ask your subscribers!

- Add a clear unsubscribe button: adding an unsubscribe button is perhaps one of the most important tips. There are several laws that make it compulsory to add a clear unsubscribe button to your online newsletter. With the unsubscribe button, you give the subscriber the option of not receiving any more online newsletters from you.

- Ask for permission: before someone becomes a subscriber to your online newsletter, it is a good idea to ask permission first. You can do this by ensuring that they fill in a subscription form on your website. Ask the user to confirm at the end to prevent spam and bot subscribers.

- Make use of tools: there are several websites where you can check the spam score of your online newsletter. A number of online newsletter providers offer this function, but Mail-tester can also help you with this, for example. Based on your score you can adjust your online newsletter and make sure it doesn't end up in the spam folder.

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