Meet the team


Let's give you a glimpse behind the scenes and introduce the fantastic individuals who make our team special. Get ready to meet the talented individuals who work diligently to bring our vision to life. From creative minds to skilled problem solvers, each team members plays a vital role in our collective success. Join us on this journey as we shine a light on the people who make our company thrive. Let's meet the team!


Mathijs Jansen

Mathijs is our dreamy developer. In addition to developing, he is often concerned with sustainability. And he doesn't shy away from AI.


Tom Schepers

Tom is our king of design. No matter what you ask him, the design is ready before you know it. And Tom isn't averse to AI either.


Pim Kaptein

Pim is our newest development lead. He is not afraid of a tricky piece of code and implements user flow without any problems.


Charbel Khalil

Charbel is our sales leader. He has a great network and helps us with our business. Strategy and sales are his strengths!


Niels van 't Slot

Niels is our newest developer. He works part-time for our great platform and implements the most beautiful things!


Sahin Oran

Sahin is our marketing intern. He deals with all facets of our marketing and learns about the fine craft at the same time.